We want to better understand the needs of VC and PE firms like yours, so we appreciate every bit of market feedback we receive. The survey below consists of only 8 questions — it should take only a minute or two to complete.

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    1) Do you classify deals under consideration into STAGES, starting with something like a "Lead" and ending in an "Investment"?

    If yes, what terms do you use?

    2. What do you currently use for dealflow management?

    Microsoft ExcelCRM or project management system (non-sector-specific)Custom-made in-house systemProfessional dedicated system within your IntranetProfessional dedicated system hosted on the InternetNo software or technology toolsOther
    Please elaborate...

    3. What do you use to manage deal FILES within your firm?

    Just email and personal hard driveShared Network DriveOther Intranet SystemInternet File Hosting ServiceAs part of our dealflow systemOther
    Elaborate where appropriate:

    4. How many deals does your group consider per month?

    1 - 1011 - 5051 - 100More than 100I have no idea!

    5. Do you regularly analyze your dealflow? (Sources of deals, deals by industry, activity by partner, days spent on due diligence, etc.)

    Please specify what analytics are most important to you, and whether you run them now or not.

    6. How many investment professionals are in your firm?

    Analysts/Admin support:

    7. How many separate office locations does your firm have?

    8. With regards to your dealflow management, what would you like to be doing differently?

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