Our Approach

how Sevanta Dealflow is unique

Not just a software provider

We’re very proud of the software we’ve developed. It’s been created on the basis of years of experience and iteration and is helping many firms around the world manage their dealflow data more efficiently, work together in teams, and make better decisions.

But our software is most important for providing a concrete context for talking about your firm’s overall operations… how do you make filtration decisions? how do you make final investment decisions? what is your relationship with your funders and other key stakeholders? can your dealflow data help support those relationships and provide a basis for making big picture strategic decisions?

These kinds of questions can seem overly nebulous if you try to take them on in the abstract, but when we talk about them in the context of how the software should support a particular workflow process and a particular approach to analytics, everything suddenly feels concrete and actionable.

We thus think of ourselves first and foremost as a consultancy focused on achieving positive outcomes for our clients, and our software is a means to that end.

Elegant simplicity

With Sevanta Dealflow we’ve aimed for elegant simplicity — choosing only those features that our clients need to do their jobs well — and trimming out any excess that would encumber them.

The same applies to data collection. There are probably 500 different fields we could collect on each deal you log — but that would just turn your user interface into an unproductive maze; and if you can’t rely on data being populated consistently, you can’t use it for analytics. So while it is technically possible to add whatever fields to the database that you want, we’ll work closely with you to figure out what’s really important and relevant.

The ultimate goal is a system that requires no training to use proficiently, so everyone in the firm — from analysts to partners — can get up and running right away.

We don’t try to be all things to all people. We focus on dealflow management, and we do it well.

Tailor-made for investment firms

We come from your industry. We know how it works from the inside. We built Sevanta Dealflow specifically for venture capital and private equity firms. And while our core platform is useful to some firms “out-of-the-box”, we expect to do at least some customization so that your system fits you like a glove.

You could try to use generic project management or CRM tools to patch together a solution to your dealflow challenges. But we know firms who have gone down this road and then turn around when they’re unable to make it work for them.

Investing is what we know and love, and we want to put that knowledge and passion to work for you.

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