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How do you manage your dealflow pipeline?

Using Excel?

I love ExcelWe all love Excel, but it’s not the right tool for managing your dealflow. The way to improve ROI is to optimize the use of your time and talent — and to have all the information at your fingertips to make great investment and strategic decisions. We know implementing any workflow system can be intimidating, so we’re dedicated to making the process smooth and effortless. Read more about the benefits of Sevanta Dealflow...
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Using CRM?

No CRMA sales pipeline bears a passing resemblance to a dealflow pipeline, but using a CRM tool this way pushes you into contortions. With a custom-tailored dealflow system, your team won’t need any special training, and routine tasks are optimized to take no time at all, ensuring successful adoption by your whole team. Read more about how Sevanta’s approach is unique...
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What do you currently use for dealflow management?