Value proposition

Sevanta is focused on providing its clients with two primary value propositions:

  • Efficiency: Analyze more deals with higher-quality outcomes to achieve superior returns.
  • Insight: Use dealflow analytics to support strategic decision-making.

We supply customized web-based dealflow management systems based on our Sevanta Dealflow platform and provide the advice and guidance needed to ensure successful implementations.

Read more about our approach to learn about the benefits of good dealflow systems and processes, or browse through some of the details of our platform below.

Efficiency – workflow optimization

Sevanta Dealflow is simple enough to be used without any special training by all investment professionals within your firm, from analysts to managing general partners. We expect to customize our product to your particular needs! Features can be added, removed, or customized to exactly meet your requirements.

Streamline routine tasks

Actions like logging a new deal, adding call notes, and preparing weekly pipeline reports each take a trivial amount of time. The cumulative time savings is substantial.

Collaborate with your team

Everyone can access and contribute information on a deal asynchronously.

Easily hand off deals

because all deal history and files are always accessible. Lowers the risk and costs to the firm if a team member becomes unavailable (“business continuity”).

Eliminate duplicate effort

Be alerted if you try to log a deal that’s already in the system, so you know if someone else in the firm has already seen it.

Automatic data population

Quickly log deals with the help of data enrichment powered by Crunchbase.

Find deals effortlessly

using free search or through easy-to-use filtering by user, stage, status, fund, or date.

Customizable pipeline stages

Promote your deals through a multi-stage process, starting with a Lead and ending in an Investment — easily customizable to fit your own pipeline terminology.

Never misplace a file

Store all files related to each deal so your whole team can access them. Drag-and-drop files straight into the browser. With our managed backup service, rest assured that your data and files are always safe.

Integrate with Dropbox

Our deal file repository can sync with Dropbox, letting you use Dropbox’s revision history and file recovery, edit files locally (so you don’t have to re-upload after making changes), and access files and emails offline (such as on planes).

(Dropbox and the Dropbox logo are trademarks of Dropbox, Inc.)

Interact via Email

Email notes and files directly into the system using whatever email you already use–Outlook, GMail, Blackberries, or iPhones, etc.–as though Sevanta Dealflow were just another member of your team.

Manage Tasks/Todo’s

Create tasks for yourself or assign tasks to colleagues. The rest of the dealteam can be automatically notified as tasks are completed.

Maintain history

Mark dead deals as “inactive”, but still have access to all the info forever — for analytics, or to revive it later, or in case you see other comparable deals.

Track cashflows

within your dealflow system so that front-office investment professionals have instant access to authoritative information without having to ask your accountant or CFO. Instantly produce investment summary reports for sharing with limited partners.

Manage fundraising

Once you’re accustomed to managing your dealflow with us, you’ll find it seamless to manage your fundraising leads using the same interface.

Global encrypted access

Access your deal information with any web browser from anywhere in the world over a secure connection.

Mobile device friendly

iPhones and other advanced smartphones can access the full interface, and a simplified interface is available for more basic devices.

Insight – reports and analytics

Sevanta Dealflow empowers you to analyze your historical work and extract strategic understanding of your investment operations, allowing you to answer questions like:

  • How is my dealflow changing over time? Are there cycles of sourcing volume, or is there a long-term directional trend?
  • How much does each source of dealflow contribute? (personal contacts vs other investors vs conferences vs news, etc.)
  • What is the real quality of each of those sources, as judged by how far along their deals get in our pipeline?
  • What are the measurable contributions made by each team member, in terms of sourcing deals, owning deals, and supporting teams?
  • What is my market share? (ie- of all the deals in my target sector that got done in a given time period, how many did I get to consider?)

Sevanta Dealflow makes the generation of reports just a click away. Some examples are highlighted below, but we’ll customize reporting to suit your firm’s needs and existing reports.

Weekly reports

Automatically generate pipeline reports for your weekly meetings.

Email reminders to team

Send semi-automated pipeline reminders by email to ensure your team updates their records prior to your weekly meetings.

Track portfolio info

Generate a detailed portfolio report to update your team.

Leads by Month

Look for long-term or cyclical trends in your deal sourcing volume

Classify deals

Deals by Country, Region, LifeStage (seed, mezzanine, etc.), Industry, SourceType

User statistics

Compare team performance on sourcing volume, deal leadership, and team participation.

Historical funnel

Visualize how deals got filtered at each stage of your process, with the total number of leads entering the funnel at the top and your portfolio companies coming out the bottom