Fundraising is hard work. We sympathize. You’ll have hundreds of meetings with hundreds of potential partners, and there’ll be a whole lot of information you’ll need to keep organized: contact information, what you said to whom, when you need to followup with someone, what documentation you’ve sent to whom. You need to organize your time effectively so you can juggle all of this, and you need good tools to help you do it.

While there are clear differences in the character of the work, fundraising and dealflow management share a lot of the same requirements. Instead of the central notion of a “deal”, you have a “funder”, but otherwise, you still need to track tasks, contacts, and documents. You still need to work in teams. And you still want to be able to analyze the flow of opportunities you have ahead of you and make sense of the work you’ve done so far.

For many years we’ve created custom versions of Sevanta Dealflow for use in fundraising by our clients, but we haven’t promoted the capability until now. For new funds in particular, we’ve found that fundraising is the acute pain they need addressed right away, and dealflow management will follow shortly after. So we’ve created Sevanta Fundflow as a pre-packaged offering with fields and reports specifically meant for fundraising.

The essential user experience is very similar to Sevanta Dealflow, so your team will have no problem transitioning from one to the other. Once you’ve successfully closed your fund, you can focus on what you got into this for in the first place — investing. But we’ll keep your Sevanta Fundflow system running indefinitely so you can continue to track your interactions with your limited partners. That way you can maintain a history of all your previous fundraising efforts for the next time you need to hit the road. Godspeed.