questions and answers about Sevanta Dealflow

What is Sevanta Dealflow?

Sevanta Dealflow is a web-based dealflow management system designed for venture capital and private equity firms. Its value proposition is two-fold:

It is offered as a fully-managed hosted service (software-as-a-service, or SaaS) so that you don't have to worry about any technical logistics. We focus on our job zealously so you can focus on yours.

Is Sevanta Dealflow right for me?

While most of our clients are venture capital funds and corporate venturing groups, Sevanta Dealflow is useful for firms of all sizes and in all investment sectors considering multiple deals at one time. Firms that work on deals in teams will particularly appreciate how it will enhance collaboration. We do also work with a number of corporate development and business development groups.

But we don't want to change our processes, terminology, or reports!

You don't have to. Keep what works, and change what doesn't.

We know that one size does not fit all. We expect every client to have proprietary requirements — so the software should bend to the client, not the other way around. While our core platform is useful for many clients "out-of-the-box", the majority of clients will have particular needs they want reflected in their own customized dealflow system.

If there's something missing from our system, we'll add it for you. And if you need help figuring out exactly what it is you need, we'll help you. We've been thinking about dealflow challenges for 26 years and have worked with many clients representing a wide range of approaches and requirements.

Embarking on a custom software project sounds slow, scary, and expensive — is it?

Our core system provides the majority of the functionality most firms need, so imagine that your dealflow "house" is already built — we mostly help you decorate it. We help move your existing furniture in (all your legacy data), and you can start living in it right away while we do some light renovation work. We've done this many times, so we can do the work quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively.

And even if you do want some walls moved around, the project is usually quite manageable, and we handle the hard stuff for you anyway. We're fans of small, rapid iterations, so that you can test theories out quickly instead of over-engineering some grand design.

Is Sevanta Dealflow a project management system? a CRM system?

Sevanta Dealflow focuses like a laser on the functionality needed to manage dealflow effectively, which does cover the project management and CRM functions that investment firms need, though we tie it together in such a way that we consider dealflow management a special category of software. We've found that most of our clients are best served by a tightly-targeted system that requires no advanced training, that streamlines your most frequent business actions, and that structures dealflow information in the same way that your brain does.

How much does Sevanta Dealflow cost?

Because Sevanta Dealflow is highly customized to suit your firm's particular needs, pricing can vary, but it is generally proportional to the number of users on your team. Contact us at or call +1-888-727-9644 for a customized quote based on your particular requirements.

In our experience, Sevanta Dealflow can boost your team's productivity by at least 0.5 FTE, at a much lower price than adding headcount. Our pricing is also highly competitive with current software alternatives, while being part of a full-service offering. This product is not a commodity for a mass-market audience; it's an enterprise application fulfilling a critical business function. Our level of customer service corresponds to the rigorous requirements of our industry.

Who is Sevanta?

Sevanta Systems Corporation is a privately-held US-based company serving clients around the world. We've been helping investment funds manage their dealflow since 2005, though our staff has been focused on this problem for many years. Sevanta is not just the creator of dealflow tools, we also provide advice and support for transforming your firm's operations. See the About page for more background.

Who else is using Sevanta Dealflow?

Sevanta Dealflow is used by hundreds of clients across at least 26 countries. Most of our clients are typical early-stage venture capital firms, but about a quarter of our client base are corporate venture arms at Fortune 500 and other large enterprises. We recommend you go to our founder's Linkedin page to see what connections you might have in common; just note that not all our clients are Linkedin connections, and not all Linkedin connections are our clients, but this should provide a good starting point for discovering how our networks might overlap. Contact us to inquire about the nature of particular connections you see.

Does Sevanta Dealflow support languages other than English?

Our system can accept data in any language (using UTF-8 characters), including Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese. Furthermore, the field names and reports can be customized to be in any language, but most aspects of the user interface, including prompts and messages from the system, are displayed only in English.

Do you do anything with our data?

No! Our sole revenue model is our subscription fee; we don't monetize your data in any way, not even in aggregate or anonymized form. We treat your data as confidential information per the CDA included in our trial and subscription agreements. Our rights on your data only extend as far as needed to provide you with the services (hosting, backup, processing, support, etc. on your behalf).

Is Sevanta Dealflow secure?

Having come from your business, we intimately understand the sensitivity of your proprietary deal data. We treat client data with the utmost confidentiality, in terms of both our technology architecture and human training.

Unlike other hosted applications, where data for all clients are stored in a single database, Sevanta Dealflow isolates your data in a separate database from all other clients. Even your application code itself is quarantined from other clients, since each client can run their own customized version of the application. This compartmentalization is more work for us to administer, but should provide you with great peace of mind.

We work with many large companies that have engaged in deep security evaluations of our infrastructure, and we're happy to work with you to support whatever your security processes are, including facilitating your own penetration testing and application scanning.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes. Sevanta is committed to fulfilling the technical measures to ensure the security and integrity of your data. We're also happy to work with you to ensure whatever contractual terms are in place to fulfill your legal commitments under GDPR. Under GDPR, Sevanta is a "data processor", and you, the client, would be the "data controller".

Can we do a trial?

Yes! And our trials are unique in that we will do customization and data migration as part of the trial setup; when you login for the first time, the system will be fully ready to go, and your team can gather momentum very quickly. (Empty trials are much more difficult to make successful, so the extra effort up front is very much worthwhile).

Once we receive your data, we can usually turn around the fully-populated system within 48 hours. The trial period is 21 days, which is usually plenty of time to build confidence that it is a good match for your team. You can involve as many people on your team in the trial as you wish, but we do ask that all trial testers receive training prior to activation of their accounts.

There is no cost or commitment, but the trial agreement does include confidentiality provisions (which match the provisions in our subscription agreement) so that we can work with your real data during the trial.

The goal of the trial should be to use it realistically for 3 weeks: log your new deals consistently, and use the Pipeline report and other output from our system as part of your weekly meetings. As you provide feedback we'll continue to tweak your system, so that before the end of the trial, the system will already be perfectly tailored for you.

Can you help with fundraising and LP management?

Yes! There's a whole page about "Sevanta Fundflow". The final stage in any fundraising schema is for committed LPs, and you'll find Sevanta Fundflow a very helpful tool for managing contacts, notes, documents, and reminders for your LPs. Just note that Sevanta is not trying to fulfill all back-office fund management functions; our focus is still on the investment team, though your investor relations staff would certainly be keen users of Sevanta Fundflow.

Can you create a public form that allows entrepreneurs to submit their information to us?

Yes! We can fully customize a submission form with styling to match your existing website. You can then embed the form in an <iframe> or just link to it from your website. The email is in the perfect format such that you can forward it to the email address for your system without any modifications, and all fields and file attachments will be captured. We do not charge for this feature.