I often come across firms trying to piece together dealflow management solutions using free or freemium tools, some of which I like a lot myself. However, ‘self serve’ systems may seem cheap but have many hidden costs. Assuming an associate is assigned to handle dealflow mgmt, how much does that cost in terms of their […]

I was recently writing to a prospective client explaining my approach to integrating what’s typically called ‘personal information management’ into Sevanta Dealflow. (Of course, in the context of dealflow management, these tools are less ‘personal’ and more ‘collaborative’.) Below is a snippet of an email I composed to him, which I think might be of […]

I’ve been following the rise of ‘Web 2.0’ apps for the enterprise, like Yammer, Podio, etc. and I find all of it really compelling. It seems like these platforms are very powerful tools for facilitating internal communication. I can’t help wonder, however, about the long run and particularly about data portability… you fill these workspaces […]

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We don’t normally talk to our clients about software version numbers, especially since every client is essentially running their own custom version of our platform, but internally we’re celebrating a new milestone today: the completion of version 4.0 of our Sevanta Dealflow platform. A ton of the inner workings of our system have been updated […]

Yes, as a quick one-liner, calling Sevanta Dealflow a ‘CRM system for venture capitalists’ is a fairly effective way to get the point across. But the term CRM brings along a lot of negative baggage that doesn’t apply to us. My clients and prospective clients perceive CRM systems as heavy and burdensome. Worst of all, […]

Even though there are 3 older posts on this blog, this one is the real introductory post. I wanted to include those other posts for a few reasons: (a) it’s lonely to be the first blog post, so I wanted it to have some company from the beginning; (b) those are articles I wrote back […]

[UPDATE 2010-10-12: I just dug up this old article I wrote 8 years ago and was amused by a few things. I recall thinking at the time that the only way for mobile devices to break out of the box was for there to be a substantial leap forward in their processing power and user […]

Published in New Media Age By Daniel Lopez VC’s are constantly asked what they look for in companies, and the answer typically boils down to strong management and a big market opportunity. Ultimately, these are just different ways of saying focus and vision. Entrepreneurs need several different kinds of focus to navigate a company on […]

Published in New Media Age by Daniel Lopez Venture capital decision-making has always had an air of black magic about it. When a firm chooses one company to invest in out of over 100 companies seen, the decision is going to be by its very nature a little arbitrary. Once the 100 prospects are narrowed […]