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Version 4.0 makes investment collaboration even easier

MIAMI, FL, March 18, 2011 – Miami-based Sevanta Systems Corp., which provides customized solutions for venture capital and private equity deal management, announced the release of the newest version of their flagship product.

Sevanta Dealflow 4.0 makes it even easier for investment professionals to pull information from disparate sources into a shared workspace where they can organize and collaborate on deal evaluation and portfolio management with their colleagues.

“Our users can now send emails directly into Sevanta Dealflow, as though it were simply another member of the team,” stated Daniel Lopez, Sevanta’s founder and president. The new email bridge automatically matches incoming emails to the correct deals and is capable of appending, extracting, and archiving new comments and file attachments. It was architected to work with any email platform, in recognition of the growing use of web-based email, Apple Mac computers, and smart mobile devices like the iPhone, in addition to Microsoft Outlook.

The new version also features improved task management, cashflow tracking, and a venue for investment committees to rate prospective deals. This latter feature allows deal sponsors to receive early feedback for their deals, helping them prioritize and navigate the challenges to getting their deals approved.

Sevanta Dealflow’s file repository can now synchronize with, a powerful file management platform that has become increasingly popular in the investment community. “Dropbox users can continue to enjoy the benefits of the tools they already know and love while using Sevanta Dealflow to provide the structure for collaborative deal management and analytics,” Lopez added.

Sevanta Dealflow has been working with venture capital and private equity firms around the world since 2005, providing powerful tools and expert advice to improve firms’ operating efficiency and investment decision-making.

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For more information about Sevanta Dealflow, please contact Daniel Lopez at 888-727-9644 or dealflow [at] sevanta [dot] com.

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