We don’t normally talk to our clients about software version numbers, especially since every client is essentially running their own custom version of our platform, but internally we’re celebrating a new milestone today: the completion of version 4.0 of our Sevanta Dealflow platform.

A ton of the inner workings of our system have been updated to make it easier to customize the platform for each of our clients, but most of that is completely transparent to our clients, except for the ability to execute on customization requests more quickly (and at lower cost) than ever before.

But there are also a number of truly valuable features that are a result of great feedback from our clients:

  1. Email integration: You can now email notes and files directly into Sevanta Dealflow as though it were simply another member of your team. Some CRM systems use Outlook plugins to accomplish this, but it was important to us to offer a robust email bridge that would work regardless of your email client, whether it’s Outlook, Mac Mail, webmail services like Gmail, or mobile platforms like the iPhone and Blackberry. Our system automatically figures out what deal your email pertains to, processes the contents of the email (such as appending new comments and extracting attachments), and then archives the whole email for future reference. Like everything else in our system, it can be highly customized to suit your particular requirements.
  2. Dropbox integration: Our hosted file repository can now synchronize with Dropbox, opening up major new capabilities:
    1. Recover deleted files and earlier revisions (we didn’t have to reinvent the wheel–Dropbox does a great job with this)
    2. Access files on your local PC or LAN so that you can edit documents directly and have your changes automatically reflected in the cloud (through a standard web interface, you’d otherwise have to download the file, save changes locally, and then re-upload–cut out the extra steps!). Your changes are updated in the cloud shockingly quickly.
    3. Keep files on your laptop for offline access, such as on flights. Since archived emails are also stored in the file repository, you’ll have offline access to those too!
  3. Task management: Easily create tasks for yourself or assign tasks to colleagues. Deal team members can automatically be notified when tasks are created and completed.
  4. Cashflow tracking: There’s often an artificial divide between front-office and back-office functions in investment firms, even though front-office professionals create the core investment information that feeds into back-office systems, and even though front-office staff need frequent access to authoritative investment figures. While we are not attempting to replace your formal accounting systems, we know from our own experience that some simple tools built into the dealflow platform would not only address the needs of front-office staff for this information, but would also enable Sevanta Dealflow to generate key top-line reports that are useful in communications with limited partners. If you keep your cashflow data up-to-date, such investment summary reports can be generated at a moment’s notice without having to call on your accountant or CFO.
  5. IC Ratings: Every prospective deal under consideration can be rated by the members of your investment committee (IC). A special pipeline report then sorts the deals in order of their average rating. We love this feature because it allows deal sponsors to get early feedback from IC members, and it provides an easy way to promote the deals that have more support and pass on the deals that are going to be uphill battles. (Of course, if this workflow isn’t applicable to your group, it can be easily disabled.)

Even more goodies are hidden under the hood. If it’s been a while since you’ve gotten a demo, drop us a line to get a quick walk-through. We’re sure you’ll be impressed!

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