[UPDATE 2010-10-12: I just dug up this old article I wrote 8 years ago and was amused by a few things. I recall thinking at the time that the only way for mobile devices to break out of the box was for there to be a substantial leap forward in their processing power and user […]

Published in New Media Age By Daniel Lopez VC’s are constantly asked what they look for in companies, and the answer typically boils down to strong management and a big market opportunity. Ultimately, these are just different ways of saying focus and vision. Entrepreneurs need several different kinds of focus to navigate a company on […]

Published in New Media Age by Daniel Lopez Venture capital decision-making has always had an air of black magic about it. When a firm chooses one company to invest in out of over 100 companies seen, the decision is going to be by its very nature a little arbitrary. Once the 100 prospects are narrowed […]